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One day course in TDD with Roy Osherove

Posted 2011.09.02
by Björn Johansson

As soon as we saw that Roy Osherove, the author of The Art of Unit Testing, was looking for companies to help him host TDD courses in Sweden we immediately responded. We didn’t want to miss out on such an opportunity – to have Roy Osherove come to our office in Lund and teach TDD!

Now we can proudly announce that on September 13th, 2011, Roy Osherove will be doing a zero to 60 TDD class at tretton37′s office in Lund!

Summary from
Want to start doing unit testing *for real* but your devs don’t know what they are doing? In this full 9 hour day, your developers will learn how to write readable, trustworthy and maintainable tests, that won’t hurt your project’s schedule, but actually help it.

By the end of the day we will have covered most of the subjects covered in my book, The Art of Unit Testing, with adapted tooling and examples from today (not using RhinoMocks, for example, but FakeitEasy instead).


Don’t miss this opportunity! Purchase your ticket here and further information is available over at Roy’s page.


Unfortunately, this class has been cancelled. We will try to get Roy to visit us another time soon!

One Response to “One day course in TDD with Roy Osherove”

Tobias Zimmergren
Posted on September 2, 2011 at 10:03

Fantastic news!

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