Creating Value by Sharing Knowledge

We Have a New Shiny Blog

Posted 2011.01.04
by Martin Mazur

Welcome to our shiny tretton37 company blog.

Being a knowledge company sharing what we know and constantly learning new things is central to the work we do. What better way to share our ideas and thoughts, both as individuals and as a team, than through a shiny new blog?

Our main goal with this blog is to release our ideas on software development, business development, agile and other things into the wild, test them and develop them together with you… …and of course; have a blast while doing it.

Everyone in the tretton37 family is welcome to post here so there will be quite a few interesting bits and pieces popping up. This also gives us a chance to show you who the people making the company are and what goes on in our heads.

We’ve also created an announcements section where we will post general information about the company, upcoming events and other things of relevance. To keep everything nice and tidy we have chosen to keep this separate from the main blog but you’ll still get it in the RSS feed.

Thank you for reading! Take care!

Have a 1337 summer!

Posted 2010.07.16
by Martin Mazur

We at tretton37 want to take some time to wish everyone a 1337 summer. During the last 7 months we’ve managed to build a really awesome business and we owe a big deal of it to YOU!

Yes YOU, our clients, fans, partners and everyone else who has shown love and support and for our cause. Thank you we really wish you the best summer ever!

We’ve had a blast growing our business and working with the things we love the most. It all seams easy when you’re surrounded with great people.

But rest assured that the tretton37 saga has just begun. We have already signed 3 awesome ninja that will join our family in September. We have also signed a contract for a fantastic office space fit for 1337. Beyond that we hopefully have a couple of other surprises coming up soon but we can’t really talk about that yet ;)

Even though the summer months sometimes are perceived as a bit slow we here at tretton37 will keep working full speed to develop our business and help all our current and potential clients. So whether you want to grab a cold brew in the dashing sun or need temporary help during the summer months don’t hesitate to contact us!

We love YOU!